About us

We are a family company setup up in 2018 to revolutionise the parking industry. After working in the industry for many years we felt that ANPR had become an inflexible tool that Car Parking Enforcement Operators, known simply as Operators, used to penalise drivers who broke the rules rather than as a tool for landowners to control parking for the benefit of their community.

Our approach is different! We offer a free consultancy style interview when we will ask you questions about who you want to be able to park on your land – unhindered. We will advise on the technical and operational aspects of our systems and make a recommendation of which will be best for you.

We work in partnership with our suppliers and clients. We always uphold the spirit and letter of the law and Accredited Trade Association rules.

So if you want to know how to get the very best in parking – give us a call.

ARDPark is a trading style of ARDPark Ltd. ARDPark Ltd is registered in England & Wales – company number 11349895.