Payment Solutions

User Friendly

Our systems are the most driver friendly systems on the market. If the driver has paid for the correct total time parked then they will not receive a Parking Change from us (we also allow a ten minute leeway for those who have misjudged – just a little).

For example, a driver parks their car and pays for an hour of parking. Their meeting or appointment runs over and they return an hour and a half after parking. If they paid by cash they just need to pay for an additional half and hour’s parking or if they paid by phone they will get a pro-active message to extend their parking.

Pay on Foot (cash)

At ARDPark we provide ANPR integration with pay & display machines. We partner with an approved Cale re-seller we supply the best in class. Cale has been manufacturing pay on foot machines since 1955 and are one of the leading global brands. Cale has been selected by ARDPark for their outstanding reliability and contemporary customer interfaces.

Cale pay on foot machines are available in mains or solar powered boasting a 7” 24-bit colour depth screen which can display logos, pictures and video.

The Pay on foot machines ARDPark install are available with coin only.

Other Payments (card)

For cashless (card) transactions we have partnered with Parkonomy, a hassle free way to promote your car parks. You can become visible to thousands of new potential customers, who can then book with you through their seamless online platform. As nearly every car park in the country is contained within their database by default, you don’t even need to make a booking from scratch. You can manage your car parks from any internet-enabled device via our website, or integrate its API with your own website

Back Office

The Cale pay on foot machines work with the ARDPark back office, including integration of pay by phone, permanent user white-lists and kiosk inputs allowing ease of management for a multi-user car park.

ARDPark takes a new approach to how pay foot is managed. Our intelligent back office highlights mistaken registration entries allowing car park managers to manually match mistaken inputs with users. This prevents unnecessary Parking Charges being issued, which impact on customer experience and damage car park reputations.