Care Home in Cheshire

Before we had ARDPark at our home, we had so numerous cars parking in our car park. This created a lot of problems for people actually visiting the home. We were often met with abuse and threats of violence from asking people to move their cars.

Since the system has been put in place, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of cars that park in our car park. Some of the people that have received parking tickets have come back to the home. Andy and the team and dealt with any problems we have had quickly and professionally and cancelled those where there has been a valid reason.

The only problem we have really had is entering registrations into the tablet. But I think this was due to the security setup on our Wi-Fi system. Even when this occurred we were able to email registrations numbers to Andy and the team to avoid people getting ticketed. Which they gladly sorted out for us and no tickets were issued.

Now that the system is in place, we don’t have the daily disagreements we have had before. We don’t have people coming to the home to tell us they have been ticketed anymore. The signage etc seems to have worked. The system has saved a lot of headache. Thank you to Andy and the team!

Medical Centre in South Yorkshire

Since the new system commenced at the start of August 2018 the number of vehicles parked in the patients’ car park has dropped dramatically (now its never more than 1/2 full whereas previously it was always full).

I accept that some of this reduction is due to our staff previously parking in the patients’ car park, (IE relocation not reduction), but it is evident that a significant number of the cars parked previously were due to people parking on a regular basis in the car park when they should not have been there.

We also anticipated that there would be far greater problems if we did not have a traffic monitoring system in place when the students/college staff from the new college start.

Since operating the system we have had quite a few calls from patients re appeals (mainly due to being on site for 2 appointments ie valid reason) and when requested ARDPark has to date adopted a helpful approach and cancelled them where there is a valid reason IE flexible not ‘heavy handed’ approach

The only issue has been that we have been unable to log in to generate permits, but think this is more of a technical issue at our end re ‘firewalls’ etc (and has ended up with us emailing ARDPark to process such permits)

Yes I am currently having to spend a little time processing these appeals (getting details of appointment times/ time appointment finished etc) but this is nothing to the headache re parking problems that we had or expected to come with the opening of the college on the site If other of your clients are needing to address car parking issues then I would be happy to recommend using ARDPark. Their system works extremely well, minimises our input and they are willing to be flexible where good reason is given for any fines to be waived