To pay your Charge please select one of the following:

  • Send a cheque or postal order to:
    • ARDPark Ltd, Parkhill Business Centre, Walton Road, Wetherby, LS22 5DZ.
  • Pay online with credit or debit card – here via this link
  • You can send a payment to our PayPal. You must ensure you “Return to the merchant” after submitting payment to complete the payment form or your payment will be rejected as incomplete.

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Pay £60

£62.32 total

Pay £100

£103.73 total
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The links above will take you to a third party site (PayPal). ARDPark cannot be held responsible for third party content. Please note a small charge (reflecting the PayPal fees) is made for using PayPal
  • We are not able to accept telephone payments at this time
  • If you are having trouble making a payment please contact us via to discuss further.

Please note – you will not be able to appeal a charge once paid or part paid. If full payment is not made the remaining amount will be outstanding and you may be liable for further costs. Over payments will not automatically be refunded, an administration charge of £12.00 plus our costs will be added to the balance should a payment be returned unpaid. You must pay for the charge in full unless otherwise agreed in writing with ARDPark & if you enter into a payment plan with ARDPark there is an administration fee of £12.00 to cover administration costs.