Queries and Appeals

Please read of the information provided.


In the event that you wish to dispute liability for a Parking Charge Notice, you must appeal within 21 days of issue. An appeal outside of the 21-day appeals window may be heard by ARDPark if there are significant mitigating factors for failing to appeal within the 21-day appeals window – an example being a prolonged stay as an in-patient at the hospital during the appeals window. Appeal decisions should be provided within 14 days. An appeal is not treated as a complaint. If you appeal to ARDPark and do not hear from us within 14 days then please contact us, do not assume that your appeal has been successful. Once payment (or part payment) of a Parking Charge has been made you will not be able to appeal or contest the Charge.

Once an appeal has been received, the Charge will be placed on hold and no further collection action will be taken in respect of the monies requested until your case has been considered and answered. If you have supplied an e-mail address, you will normally be notified as to the outcome of your appeal by e-mail. Therefore, please ensure that your e-mail address is active and accurate. Please ensure you check all mail inboxes including any Spam Folders to ensure you receive any decision, we would advise you to add “appeals@ardpark.co.uk” and “drivers@ardpark.co.uk” to your safe senders list and to check back on the link above after 14 days if you have not received an emailed answer. We aim to respond to your appeal in writing or by email (where provided) usually within 14 days from the date your appeal is received.

If your appeal is unsuccessful then we will provide you with the appropriate details enabling you to lodge an appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS).  Details of the IAS procedure can be found at www.theIAS.org. The IAS provides an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme for disputes of this type. You cannot appeal to the IAS unless you have completed the ARDPark internal appeals procedure. We will engage with the IAS Standard Appeals Service providing you comply with our internal appeals procedure as detailed herein and/or on the Notice to Keeper/Driver/Hirer and that thereafter you lodge an appeal to the IAS within 21 days of rejection of your appeal to ARDPark. Please be advised that if you choose to appeal to the IAS and your appeal is unsuccessful, you will lose the right to pay at the reduced amount and the full £100.00 will be due.  We do not offer access to the “POPLA” service as we are not members of the British Parking Association (BPA).

Please note the points below:

  • Incomplete appeals or submissions may not be considered.
  • If you have evidence to support your appeal, ensure you attach it to the appeal system. Our appeals system will only accept JPG files under 4MB.
  • You must be either the hirer, keeper or driver at the time to submit an appeal. Due to GDPR and data protection, we cannot accept appeals from third parties (this includes relatives) unless supported by a letter of authority signed by the keeper/driver (as appropriate).
  • If you appeal and it reaches us within 14 days of the issue of the Parking Charge and your appeal is unsuccessful, we will offer the lower amount of £60.00 for payment for a further period of 14 days after the appeal decision is made. If you appeal after 14 days and are unsuccessful the full amount of £100.00 would be due if your appeal is unsuccessful.
  • When an appeal or IAS appeal is outstanding we will not pass your details on to a third party Debt Recovery Agency.
  • You may only appeal to ARDPark once per charge, however, if you’re not happy with our decision you can appeal to the IAS (Independent Appeals Service)- details of which will be given with our decision. You may only appeal to the IAS once per charge.
  • It is the responsibility of the motorist to adhere to the terms and condition of use of the car park. You need a strong mitigating circumstance if you breach the terms and conditions. It can never be a defence to a claim in contract law to say, “I did not read the terms”, so long as the existence of those terms is reasonably advertised. It is the driver’s (rather than a third party’s) responsibility to ensure that the terms and conditions of parking are properly complied with.
  • When reviewing an appeal, and without prejudice, we will, at our sole discretion, consider if the breach of the terms and conditions of parking matches ones of the profiles below:
    • Trivial breach (including but not necessarily limited to one digit incorrectly entered when paying /using a touchscreen). Legally known as a de minimis error, the appeal will usually (at ARDPark’s discretion) be upheld and the charge cancelled.
    • Medium breach (including but not necessarily limited to entering two digits incorrectly when making payment/using a touchscreen). A reduced-charge of £30.00 may be offered at our sole discretion to cover our out-of-pocket expenses for example DVLA costs, service fee, stationery, postage, issuance staffing costs and appeal staffing costs. Reduced Charges of £30.00 can only be paid by bank transfer or using the telephone payment system detailed above and must be paid within 14 days of the appeal decision.
    • Substantive breach (including but not necessarily limited to failing to make payment/use the touchscreen, for repeated breaches or substantially incorrectly entered VRM). The appeal will probably not be accepted unless you have substantial mitigating circumstances. Where a major breach occurs, we may at our sole discretion offer a reduced amount on the Charge if evidence is supplied that the motorist was a genuine customer but failed to register on a touchscreen or other similar breach. This only applies if free parking would be available and an error was made on the part of the motorist.
  • All appeals are logged to ensure that all appeals are dealt within the requirements of the International Parking Community policies.
  • A request to transfer liability is not an appeal.

* The error must be spotted by the ARDPark appeal adjudicator otherwise the appeal will be rejected or another resolution offered at the sole discretion of ARDPark’s appeal adjudicator.