Vehicle Hire (& Lease) Firms

ARDPark is committed to full compliance with the law. The information below is intended to clarify the requirements of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (known as PoFA) for vehicle hire and lease companies.

If the Keeper is a vehicle-hire firm (as defined within PoFA) and the Parking Charge Notice is PoFA compliant:

ARDPark Ltd, the creditor, may not exercise the right under paragraph 4 of PoFA to recover from the keeper any unpaid parking charges specified in the notice to keeper if, within the period of 28 days beginning with the day after that on which that notice was given, the creditor is given—

(a)  a statement signed by or on behalf of the vehicle-hire firm to the effect that at the material time the vehicle was hired to a named person under a hire agreement;

(b)  a copy of the hire agreement; and

(c)  a copy of a statement of liability signed by the hirer under that hire agreement.

The statement of liability required by (c) must—

(a)  contain a statement by the hirer to the effect that the hirer acknowledges responsibility for any parking charges that may be incurred with respect to the vehicle while it is hired to the hirer;

(b)  include an address given by the hirer (whether a residential, business or other address) as one at which documents may be given to the hirer; and it is immaterial whether the statement mentioned in paragraph (a) relates also to other charges or penalties of any kind.

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Please note that this applied to long term lease and short term hire vehicles. Please note that any statements supplied must be specific and state that the hirer/lessee accepts liability for Parking Charges .