ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Guardian Midi

Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)  provides permanent ANPR solutions for a number of applications. Our aim is to provide high quality and cost effect ANPR equipment and services.

Guardian Midi

All ANPR systems can be integrated into our revolutionary Back Office Server offering a full end to end ANPR Management suite linking Camera Systems to Kiosks,  pay by phone and traditional Pay facilities.

The Guardian Midi is our system for completely outdoor applications. It is comprised of a control unit and wired cameras which can be deployed up to 100 m for the control unit. The Control unit and cameras are IP67 rated and can be deployed on either wall or column mounts. Each control unit can support up to four cameras. For large sites, systems can be linked to provide coverage from multiple entry and exit points.

Guardian Kiosk

The Guardian Kiosk is a revolutionary user friendly interface allowing visitors to input registrations when using a customer’s car park. This is an ideal solution for leisure centres, casinos and cinemas who require cost effective and flexible parking management solutions.

On entry to the car park, visitor’s registrations are read by ANPR cameras. This data is sent back with a date time stamp to the ARDPark back office server. When the visitor enters the reception, they will enter their registration into the kiosk terminal. The terminal is securely linked back to the ARDPark back office server where it is cross referenced with recorded registrations.

The maximum visit period is set by the customer and options are available to only allow vehicles tided to a specific membership number. Car park users who are not using the facilities that the car park is intended for or have overstayed will be flagged in the system and published in daily reports to the customer. From there a Parking Charge can be issued.

The kiosk display can be customised to show welcoming messages and customers logos. The system is fully integrated into touch screen display.