Supply Partners

ARDPark is proud to work with some of the best names in the Parking Industry. Our choices of suppliers are based on their ability to meet the needs of our client base and the needs of the motorist. With full integration, this provides you with a complete management solution.

P&S Large

Pay And Stay is a specialist provider of drive-up and before midnight post pay options nationwide throughout the UK. Offering car park optimisation solutions to car park owners and management companies that maximises the value gained from their car parks. Our suite of car parking management products encompasses our world leading cashless payments solution, ARDPark’s ANPR solution, our easy access payment through either site code or QR code.


Parking Payment Machine Citea

Thanks to its modular design and flexible system components the Citea allows for flexible configuration according to your needs and requirements. You can always rely on excellent quality and reliability. Not the least due to its sturdy aluminium housing the Citea has proven itself thousands of times – cities and municipalities worldwide count on the flexible system.